In Winter Pro Riga ’17 tournament ranking for
all players will be allocated according to two rankings.

FIRST – All players will be ranked according to Latvian ranking, according to this system:
(Master 2500 -…) (Pro 1900-2499) (Semi-Pro 1500-1899) (Amateur 1300-1499) (Novice …-1299)

SECOND – If the player don’t have a Latvian ranking, then he will be ranked by
ITSF Open Combined ranking, according to this system:
(MASTER – TOP 10) (PRO – 11-150) (**SEMI – PRO 151-…) (AMATEUR***) 

For those who do not have ITSF OPEN COMBINED rank, will be ranked as Semi-Pro.
** The national ranking will be taken into account only in exceptional circumstances.
*** For any questions regarding ranking, please, contact Toms Treijs on Facebook before you are doing the registration.

Please note that if you haven’t made pre-registration, penalty is +5 EUR administration fee. Every player have to confirm his registration 30 minutes before competition start.

If you will enter false information due your pre-registration, tournament organizers reserve the rights to correct the information or cancel your registration.

The pre – registration has ended successfully with 99 players from 9 different countries. If you haven’t registered yet, don’t worry you can still register 1h before each discipline. See you all in the tournament, Your Foosin & LGFA Team.
Prereg closed-01